MultiFunctional Movement
A Revolutionary New Way to Stop Pain & Increase Strength, Confidence and Agility
For All Ages
Specialized Movements Proven to Rapidly Resolve...
  •  Back Pain, Neck or Disc Problems
  •  Shoulder or Knee Problems
  •  Developmental or Coordination Issues
  •  Chronic Pain
  •  Foot/Ankle/Heel Pain
  •  And more!
NO MORE Drugs, Surgery or Injections!
  •  Movement Based Treatment Program
  •  Mimics Movements from Yoga, Boxing, Martial Arts, and Plyometrics
  •  Leverages the Body's Synergies and Nervous System for Rapid Results
  •  Provided by Trained and Certified Specialists
  •  Even if you've had surgery
  •  Pregnant
  •  Kids
  •  Nerve conditions
  •  And more...
*Safe only when supervised by a Certified Specialist
  •  Fast Pain Relief
  •  Rapid Strength Gains
  •  Increases Athleticism
  •  Burns Body-Fat
  •  Normalizes Nervous System
  •  Reduces Stress
  •  Tones the Body
  •  Removes Belly-Fat
  •  Increases Endorphins
  •  Boosts Self-Confidence
  •  And more...
What Are Physical Therapists, Doctors and Other Healthcare Practitioners Saying About This?
"I had one of my patients do some round kicks today and he was SWEATING!!! He enjoyed it and totally forgot about his knee pain :)"
Rachel Culver, PT
Physio PT
"My second patient of the day, a 76 year old woman, walked out with chops and SH3 and she loved it. We were all impressed with the aggressiveness of her chops even without our encouragement. Can't wait to keep helping change lives with MFM!"
Joseph Ruzich, PT
Synergy PT and Wellness
"Patients love the movements. They just start feeling better. It's just amazing!"
Jennifer Angeles, PT
KTS Therapy
Certified Specialists Nationwide
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