MultiFunctional Movement (MFM) CERTIFICATION CLASS for PT, OT, Peds
More Than Just a Movement Class...
It's a "Make You An Exciting Therapist" Class
October 13-15
Dallas, TX
Yoga, Martial Art, & Plyometric Movements for Rehab
Taught by James Ko, PT and Amanda Dee, CYI/CPI
  • Proven protocols for adult/child orthopedic conditions, chronic pain, development/coordination issues, balance-fall risk issues, athletic injuries and more.
  • 3 Level Modifications for Hi/Med/Lo Patients
  • CEU eligible in most states
  • For PT, OT, and Peds Therapists
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You Will Leave This Training With ...
  •  A renewed sense of excitement for patient care.
  •  Boosted confidence
  •  Stronger skills.
  •  Posters
  •  Reference Charts
  •  Certificate of Achievement
  •  Decal for Door
  •  Videos
  •  Step-by-Step Workbook
  •  A bonus membership to the MFM private community on Facebook
  •  Free access to the MFM League 
"My second patient of the day, a 76 year old woman, walked out with chops and SH3 and she loved it. We were all impressed with the aggressiveness of her chops even without our encouragement. Can't wait to keep helping change lives with MFM!"
Joseph Ruzich, PT
Synergy PT and Wellness
"I had one of my patients do some round kicks today and he was SWEATING!!! He enjoyed it and totally forgot about his knee pain :)"
Rachel Culver, PT
Physio PT
"Patients love the movements. They just start feeling better. It's just amazing!"
Jennifer Angeles, PT
KTS Therapy
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