Quick 21-Minute Workouts That Burn Calories for 24-72 hours After You're Done No matter Your Age or Genetics:

Designed & Optimized For Those With Gut, Health, Arthritis or Metabolism Issues

Do At Home, Replace Gym Membership & Long Boring Cardio

"Movement is the essence of life. Without it, we die."
-James Ko, PT

Get Results Safely & Quickly

Workout smarter, not longer. MultiFunctional Movement (MFM) is a scientific movement-based method to health and fitness.  Our network of certified specialists are healthcare and fitness professionals. You're learning from the best who are dedicated to higher learning and service.

Do the Workouts Anywhere

You can do these workouts at home! No need for expensive equipment. You may have the items needed in your home right now. Our digital, streaming and virtual products make it easy for just about anyone to get started.

Designed to Boost Metabolism, Reduce Inflammation & Visceral Fat

Some workouts only burn WHILE you're doing them. These workouts continue to burn AFTER the workout is over.

"I joined gyms, tried yoga, rode bike, ate healthy, nothing worked."

I was feeling down. I knew I had to do something or ... this was gonna take me over.

Then I stumbled across your Facebook page.

I was looking for awhile. I had done yoga for years on and off. And I looked at Pilates because it looked like something that would work. 

But when I saw that you guys had an expertise with this Multifunctional Movement and what you did with that, I thought to myself,

“This is where I need to be.”

I had some back problems, knee problems, osteopenia, the shoulders, the sciatic pain, the knee pain.

I am Rhonda. I am 63 years old.

As of this morning,...

I am down 50 pounds from when I first started this!

— I know, right!

I feel 10 years younger!

It works. If you follow the program, it works.

You're worth it. There's hope.

RHONDA, 63Y/O, Metabolism Issue, Sciatica, Back & Knee Problems

How the Right Short Workout Can Give You a whole new lease on life...

Hi there, Jimmy here!

I know about fat, inflammation and UNhealth all too well. This was me not too long ago...

James Ko, Nutrition & Performance Specialist, Fat & BMI Scientist, Sports Physical Therapist & Over 50 Dad

It was sort of embarrassing since my job was to help athletes reach the pinnacle of their fitness and performance as a Sports Physical Therapist--all the while my own health was deteriorating.

Things just got away from me and I neglected myself. With all the traveling and hectic schedule, I thought I had no time to workout.
(So I get it. I understand your struggle).

But one day, while entangled in an argument with a friend, I began feeling a tight pain in my chest, shoulder, and left jaw...

I thought for sure I was having a heart attack.

Luckily, it was only mild. And later that day, I decided to make a change. And I haven't looked back since.

I was able to turn it around with these short 21-minute workouts and you can, too.

If you Want to take control of your Health & body With workouts you can do at home...

If you're tired of sitting in doctor offices, taking medications, or aren't happy with the results you are getting...

Or if you want to see how super short workouts can give you higher-level fitness (no matter your age or genetics), I invite you to apply and see if you qualify.

Before you get started, let me share why these workouts are so effective...

...and a few of the common exercise mistakes that keep most from seeing results.

The BEST Way Is Through Workouts That Boost Metabolism & Reduce Inflammation When You're NOT Exercising

Everyone knows inflammation and excess fat is a major cause of low immune system, pain, arthritis, gut and other health problems.

But did you know there are TWO ways your workouts can burn calories and  inflammation?

1. Your workout can help during the workout.


2. Your workout can continue to help after your workout is done (when NOT exercising).

MultiFunctional Movement (MFM) Workouts are designed to burn calories and inflammation after your workout is over...

...so that your body keeps burning all the time...not just when you're working out.

This is the best way to reduce inflammation and get healthy.

***It's important to know these workouts are not like traditional exercises (like cardio, weights, yoga or HIIT).

Let me show you a few mistakes that are easy to make when exercising...

There are 5 MISTAKES that Make Most Exercise Attempts Feel Like a Big Waste of Time



Thinking: A walk around the block, taking the stairs (instead of the elevator), treadmill or bike, is going to make you healthy

Don't get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with being more active and aerobically increasing your heart rate. I enjoy the lil benefit as much as the next person... But it's not gonna reduce systemic inflammation, visceral fat, or increase much health. You probably realized this already.  If it were that easy, everyone would be healthy (which is far from the case). 

And this leads me to the next ...



Thinking: MORE Cardio = More Results

Longer cardio exercise in general is not 100% bad. But like anything, there's a right and wrong way to do it.

What we think you should avoid if you want to see results fast is Long, boring cardio.

(Unless you enjoy long cardio or you're training for a running event or something like that. Long cardio is not the fastest way to boost metabolism or reduce inflammation in the body.)

There are many reasons we don't generally recommend long cardio workouts, but here's a few:

  1. It's repetitive so it's easier to get injured and wear down joints.
  2. It can train your body to store more fat when done incorrectly.
  3. It can increase inflammation and pain if you have muscular imbalances and weaknesses.

There's a time and place for cardio and there's a way to perform them correctly but honestly it's not the best way for those wanting to reduce inflammation and fat.



Doing the Wrong Exercises

Not all exercises help you. Some hurt you. And many are a waste of time.

Unless you do workouts that are specifically designed for the goals you want, you end up either quitting or sustain an injury.

The key to burning calories and inflammation is by taking advantage of your body's built-in "Afterburn" system.

This is where the body keeps burning calories and inflammation all day long while you're NOT exercising.

The 21-Minute MFM Workouts are designed to initiate the Afterburn system. That's the secret to our success (your success).

The most effective way to turn-ON AfterBURN is by working a certain set of muscles all at the same time (Hence, "MultiFunctional Movement"). 

If you do the right movements, with the right intensity and sequence, you turn on AfterBURN and the results may blow you away.

You immediately start feeling different. It gives you this sort of "high on life" feeling. (Most all our students say this.)

Do the right movements, in the right way, and you see quick results, feel better, and come to love your body.



Avoiding Strength Training

When you start the 21-Minute MFM Workouts, you're gonna feel muscles you never knew you had.  You're gonna get sore. You're gonna feel challenged... But you're gonna love it at the same time.  

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." (Do you agree?)

LADIES, don't worry: You're NOT gonna get big or bulky. I repeat, "You're not gonna get big or bulky."  That just won't happen. But what you ARE GONNA GET is... tight and tone everywhere. Nice, right?!  But know that strength training is REQUIRED to boost metabolism, cut stubborn fat, visceral fat (around your organs). It's required to reduce systemic inflammation.

GUYS, don't worry:  You, on the other hand, are gonna grow some muscle, because you have a lot of testosterone (which ladies don't have much of). You are gonna see your muscles more defined and pop out more.

But make no mistake, ... The main purpose of the 21-Minute MFM Workouts is to reduce inflammation and boost metabolism, NOT become a bodybuilder.



Repeating the Same Exercise(s) Over and Over Again

Your body is amazing at adapting and becoming efficient with the exercises you do. That's why it gets easier and easier the more you do it. And that's a good thing, but...

But if you keep doing the same exercises for too long, eventually the benefit drops. See graph below...

Your results could start diminishing even though you're still doing the exercises.  (Many athletes refer to this as "Hitting a plateau")

Don't worry, we show you how to change things up so this doesn't happen to you.

Once you change it up, voila, you're back to more gains and improvements!

Side note: Many people ask me, "How long do I have to run to burn belly fat?" 

Running is not the best way to reduce fat or inflammation. It helps while you're doing it but not while you're not.

Here's a Recap of Why We think you're gonna love The super short workouts!

The 21-Minute MFM Workouts...

  1. Boost Metabolism & Reduces Inflammation During The Workout and All Day Long after (No matter Your age or genetics)
  2. Can be done at Home or Anywhere (And You probably have the items you need already in your home!)
  3. It's safe with superior effectiveness because it's designed & optimized for those with Gut, health, arthritis, or metabolism issues  and instructed by Certified Healthcare and Fitness Professionals
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Time it takes most clients to feel like they have a new body & mind.

*Claims based on consistency of practice with a minimum of 3-4 sessions per week at 21- minutes per session.

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*Certain functional requirements must be met. Eligibility is not guaranteed.

"The Powers That Be Don't Want You Healthy"

Why?... They profit more when you are sick.  It's an unfair fight.  Normally, this type of product and service is available only to those who can afford expensive professionals. But I believe "fitness" is a right and necessity, and should be available to anyone/everyone regardless of socio-economic or educational status. We make it possible by using digital and virtual methods to give you instruction with exceptional live support.

James Ko, PT, Founder of MFM

About James Ko

James Ko, Nutrition & Performance Specialist, Fat & BMI Scientist, Sports Physical Therapist & Over 50 Dad

As a research geek and scientist, James couldn't sit idly by watching false information fly across the internet. "Why is everyone being told to cut calories when it's an internal system issue for 91% of adults (and 69% of kids)Why is long cardio being suggested to everyone when it trains the body to store more fat, degrades joints, and isn't sustainable?"

So, James created the MultiFunctional Movement & Nutrition Program that laser-targets the root causes and delivers superior results for those with gut, health and metabolism issues. For more than 20 years, he's helped patients, CEO's, postpartum moms, athletes, kids (people of all walks of life) quickly and safely get healthy and fit.

His mission is to shake-up the health/fitness industry by offering groundbreaking programs that deliver superior results. But more importantly, the step-by-step to turning it into a lifestyle (otherwise, what's it all for?).  You can learn more about James Ko in his social profiles.


From Past Students Who Wanted to Share Their Stories With You For Your Benefit

It was like my metabolism was just stuck.

Rhonda, 63 - Metabolic syndrome, sciatica, back & knee problem

It was hard to do anything.

I work on the 3rd floor of a building. Three flights of stairs should be nothing but it was for me. When I started putting on the weight I noticed, “Ohh, these three flights of stairs is getting harder.”

I was feeling down and I knew...

 I gotta do something or this is going to take me over.

I’ve tried multiple yoga studios. I had joined the big gyms but didn’t last at those; I found them intimidating and harsh. I’ve always ridden bicycles and was still doing that but it wasn’t enough. 

I still just kept putting on the weight.

Everything I tried on my own, I couldn’t see results.

Then I stumbled across your Facebook page.
I was looking for awhile. I had done yoga for years on and off. And I looked at Pilates because it looked like something that would work. 

But when I saw that you guys had an expertise with this Multifunctional Movement and what you did with that, I thought to myself,

“This is where I need to be.”

I had some back problems, knee problems, osteopenia, the shoulders, the sciatic pain, the knee pain.

I am Rhonda.

I am 63 years old.

As of this morning, I am down 50 pounds from when I first started this— I know, right!

I feel 10 years younger!

It works.

If you follow the program, it works. You're worth it. There's hope.

Clarissa, 40yo
Metabolic Syndrome

Over the past 10 years, she tried everything. From bootcamps (like Camp Gladiator), to dieting, cutting calories, to meal plans, but nothing worked making her upset and thinking she had to live with it.

Glenn, 61yo
Metabolic Syndrome, HBP, Back & Knee Pain, Hypothyroid

He was weighing close to 230 pounds. It was hard for him to get up in the morning and even sit up straight.

Maritza, 43yo
Metabolic Syndrome, Hypothyroid

Thyroid meds caused pain, memory loss and constantly made her cry.

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