Do the “Dog” for Back Pain Instead of Ibuprofen


Study after study shows that ibuprofen is harmful and not good for back pain. As a result the American College of Physicians have just recently changed their long-held prescription practices and said, ibuprofen is no longer recommended for back pain.

Doctors across the country are telling their patients to do YOGA instead.


Because it works…and often times faster and better than even traditional physical therapy (ughh). If you want to get more referrals from physicians, you should start offering yoga therapy. I will show you EXACTLY HOW to market better to physicians and community in the upcoming course.

So, here’s how to do “The Dog”.

The video shown below is for the low-to-average complexity low-back patient. There are modifications for the higher complexity patient but we won’t go into that here. At the course you will learn the 3 different modifications and progressions for each of the highly specialized movements for upper, lower and mid body.

What are the multiple benefits of the Dog movement?

  1. Promotes lumbo-pelvic stabilization (very important for lbp), while minimizing aggravation of pain.
  2. Promotes dissociated movement between the hips and lumbar (very important), while minimizing aggravation of pain.
  3. Creates normalization of the lumbar nerve/dura system (very important)
  4. Stretches the hamstrings (very important)
  5. Engages thoracic extensors, abdominals and even the postural muscles!
  6. And more…

And the beauty of it…also helps with posture, shoulder, elbow and knee strength as well! And the patient can go at their own pace and control the intensity!

But it has to be performed correctly in order to see results.

Can you think of a better exercise for lbp patients?

Yes, I want to register now!

About the author 

James Ko

Physical Therapist, Black Belt, & Fitness Expert. Worked with some of the world's most celebrated professional athletes, olympic stars, MMA fighters, and X-Games competitors.

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