Why are “Physical Health Tests” (PHT’s) so Very Important?


The No. 1 fastest way to MOTIVATE a patient and get them excited about their rehab program is…

-to do a “Physical Health Test” (PHT) and remeasure each and every visit.

The PHT’s I do are quick and easy, and very easy for the patient to see where they fall short and can improve.

  • They look forward to being tested each and every time they come in
  • Their progress is clear and visible and noticeable.

You should always do a PHT along with your Primary Functional Limitation.


Because it’s always easier to notice the changes with PHT.

Let’s use the analogy of “Losing Weight”.

If you had a client who wanted to lose weight because they want to fit into their wedding dress in 6-months, the Primary Functional Limitation counterpart would be “to fit into wedding dress”.

Every time your client came to see you, wouldn’t they want to be weighed on a scale?

You certainly wouldn’t test them attempting to get into their gown every single time would you?

That’s why PHT’s are so important.

They are like the “being weighed on a scale”.

It motivates.

It’s extremely important.

Above is a sample of a PHT for the lower body. Watch…

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About the author 

James Ko

Physical Therapist, Black Belt, & Fitness Expert. Worked with some of the world's most celebrated professional athletes, olympic stars, MMA fighters, and X-Games competitors.

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